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Transform your hair with the latest innovation in straightening and repair.

Why use keratin treatments.?


Straightening treatments tame and smooth the problematic frizzy, unruly/out of condition and very dry hair types, into a smooth, easily manageable and glossy finish.
They can also be used in isolated problem areas such as a curly or frizzy fringe/hairline. This treatment delivers a low pH Keratin/Carbocysteine complex to the cortex of the hair Shaft, while botanical proteins infuse and seal the cuticle, locking everything in.
This process leaves your hair straighter, smoother and with an incredible shine lasting up to 4 months…


These treatments reduce the need for repeated use of straightening irons, which causes damage and over dryness helping the hair return to its natural healthy condition.

Please note.

dd157ecd5a618e82cd2e495c2cc1d9a3KERASTRAIGHT® and K.S GOLD®  straightening treatments comply with UK & EU Standards and regulations. At Brookes hair we have tested many treatments, and after extensive research have concluded these formaldehyde free products are the best currently available.




1 Cleanse
A sulphate & paraben free cleansing shampoo is used to prepare hair by removing
product & chemical build up, and opening the cuticles ready for treatment stage…
note:- we use Redken hair cleansing cream.
or Pureology purifying shampoo .
These cleansing agents are not harsh, they gently chelate and remove toxins such as
Chlorine,sodium,parabens,sulphates,and pharmaceutical contaminates..

2 Treatment
Your hair is roughly dried, leaving slightly damp,is then divided into small sections.
The Kerastraight® is then applied with an applicator brush for thorough even
Coverage from roots to ends,The treatment is then blow dried in,then each section
Is straightened with irons to seal in.
After an hour hair can be washed and styled into the new smooth glossy you..!

3 Maintain
Aftercare is an easy,but important step.shampoo/conditioners need to be 100%
free of sulphates parabens.and sodium chloride as they erode the proteins deposited by
Kerastraight ® treatment more rapidly..! Treated hair needs washing less
frequently, extending its benefits for longer.
brookes hair stock and advise the use of the following sls/para free products..!


PUREOLOGY hair care®

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